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     I approached the river. The water was swift and strong. “You want me to do what, Lord?” I asked. “Step in the river?” “But, I am afraid. I can’t swim. I’ll be swept away and lose control, and I might even die. I’m safer here on the bank. I don’t need to cross. Everything I need is here.” 


     But Jesus says, “I am with you, and will never leave you. My strength is made perfect in your weakness. I uphold you with my right hand. Come. I will make the way. Come, let’s go together. I have so much to show you!” But, Jesus…. 


What is the river before you? Is it beginning a relationship with God that you aren’t sure about? Does stepping in the river mean pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus? Perhaps you are already in the river, struggling in your own strength to keep your head above water. The cares of this world are overwhelming. You are being swept along by the current, barely able to cope. You are desperately looking for solid ground or something to cling to. Where are you, God? Help me!


     The priests, leading Israel to the promised land, were carrying the Ark of the Covenant. They approached the Jordan River which was at flood stage. God had told them He would “cut off the water flowing downstream and make it stand up in heap” so they could get across. (Joshua 3:13). Sure.

     Yet, they trusted God implicitly, heading to the water without hesitation. They maneuvered the heavy ark down the steep, slippery bank. The Bible tells us that when their feet touched the water the river stopped flowing and they were able to cross on dry land. Did they doubt or say, “What if?” Did they have a contingency plan? They didn’t stop at the top and wait for God to work before heading down the slippery slope. The way was opened when they stepped into the river.


     We can sit on the banks of our rivers hesitating, waiting for God to show up. We can make our own plans to get across. Maybe we can build a bridge over the river. But God says our plans won’t succeed without Him (Proverbs 19:21). We can struggle by our own strength to battle the currents. But Jesus tells us “Have faith. I love you and have promised to take care of you and guide you. I will help you. He is our rock, the one we can cling to. Walk with Him. Your promised land is ahead. Step in the river.

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