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You be likin' this if you're Irish!

A book I have read recently examined the spirituality of Celtic people, particularly in Ireland. I was especially interested because several people I know have recently traveled to Ireland, and it was fun to bounce some of the observations off of them.

One characteristic that especially impressed me was the way they do prayer. It is not formal. They don’t close their eyes, but just talk to God whenever and wherever as if He were right there with them. They especially absorb nature around them, using it to better connect with God’s greatness. They have developed the habit of praying about every situation all through their day: when they get up, eat breakfast, feed the cow, walk to the market, shop, light a fire, go fishing, etc. In their imaginative creativity, they have written poignant prayers about all their duties.

Recently, a professor decided to copy this practice and wrote some prayers about driving to work, taking exams and so forth. He underscores the concept of praying without ceasing—being in touch with God all through the day. I decided to jump right in and make my own prayer as I work this morning.

I thank-you for your presence here.

I’m glad to know that you are near.

As I type on this keyboard

I ask you for your guidance, Lord.

When you speak, I want to hear

Your message, Lord. Please make it clear.

And as I write please help me say

Words to inspire someone today.

God loves to hear from us and converse with us. He wants to be our constant friend. So, take up the ways of the Irish and pray without ceasing.

Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:17, 18 KJV).

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