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My task this morning was to write a devotion that supported our Sunday sermon on legacy, yet did not neglect voting and Veteran's Day. it is. Would love your comments.

One year for my birthday, my mom gave me a unique and special present. She went through pictures from birth to marriage and put them together in an album so I would have a keepsake of my time growing up. I did the same for my daughter too, though it took me a long time to get it finished. I added one more element: our family “story.”

As I wrote this I realized God’s faithfulness in so many situations and saw how He had orchestrated events in our lives to put us in just the right places, surrounded by just the right people. He got us through some tough times. As I reflected, I became so grateful of His goodness. It was a delight to share this with my daughter and her family. This is their legacy—not only of their history and memories, but also of God’s actions on our behalf.

What has God done for you and your family? Take some time to reflect on God’s goodness in your lives. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t even notice, and it takes times like these to bring them to light.

November is a time of thankfulness for all God has done. We express gratefulness for what we have and those who surround us: our family, our friends, our military, our first responders, our leaders, our teachers and pastors. So many people influence our lives, and they are there by God’s design. Let’s remember and be thankful.

“Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come.” (Psalm 71:18)

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