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He is Risen

What’s next? We joined the moving and inspiring Easter service celebration, thanks to Pastor Chad and the worship team. We sang the resurrection songs and dutifully repeated, “He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

Then, we went home…some to a restaurant for brunch, some to a family dinner at home. Eggs hunts were popular with young and old alike and our family even participated in our annual “egg wars” in which we elaborately decorate eggs and then challenge each other in a smash-off to see who remains uncracked. But as the day wore to a close, I couldn’t help but reflect on the enormity of the event we had celebrated…no not egg wars, but Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Like the disciples, I acknowledged I believed. It took them a while to process what they saw, and even then, some had doubts. Do you know that Jesus calls us blessed because we believe when we have not seen? (John 20:29)

But, what next? The Bible tells us that they believed but didn’t understand until Jesus explained it all to them. Do we understand the magnitude of what has happened? Do we feel overwhelmed by the unequivocal grace and love showered on us though undeserved? Do we feel humbled by our imputed righteousness? Do we relish that we are now no longer enemies of God, but friends? The impact of the Easter story is so much more than Jesus rising from the dead. We are amazed beneficiaries of Jesus’ coming.

And, what next? The disciples no longer hid. They were filled with joy. They worshipped Him. They went to places to be in His presence. They were filled with the “power from on high”—the power from the Holy Spirit. Then, they shared the good news. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

What’s next for you, for me? Do we put away our Easter decorations and turn the page on the calendar to prepare for the next celebration, or do we believe, understand and remember the powerful, life-changing impact of these events? Because of Jesus, we will never be the same. Let’s keep the message going by responding joyfully in grateful worship, seeking God’s presence and drawing on His power. And, let’s tell the good news! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

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