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Doing Laundry

This morning was the exciting task of doing laundry…not. It has not been one of my favorite chores, yet I was inspired by a friend who recently told me she likes to do laundry.

Why would she relish this drudgery? She experiences God in this undertaking. “Really,” I asked? She said that every time she cleans the lint trap of the dryer she envisions God pulling away the dust and grime of her sin making her clean and effective. This image gives her joy in experiencing the all-encompassing forgiveness and cleansing of God.

When we pay attention, God reveals Himself to us in all sorts of circumstances—even the most mundane tasks of life. Some call these God-sightings. Others call them God-winks. Look around and see how God is talking to you. I would love for you to share your experiences with me. They inspire me.

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