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I woke up this morning with choices. As a retired person, I even had the choice of getting up or sleeping longer. Then, I had choices of what to eat (or not to eat), what to wear and what tasks to tackle. Would I exercise, or I be totally lazy? Would I work on the house, the yard or my writing? Would I reach out and call someone? Would I spend time with God?

Our little daily choices may be more important than we think. The culmination of these sets the course of our life, well-being, relationships and accomplishments. Each day is comprised of building blocks for good or bad. Many of us have ideas and goals which we stack up, but they become a wall unless we break through and set about doing the things which actualize them. How easily we can fall into a mindless routine of doing the necessary, but not moving forward with intention towards our aspirations, and more importantly, God’s calling for us.

George Mueller wrote a pamphlet entitled “Soul Nourishment First” in which he stated that the first thing to be concerned about every morning was not what we should do, or even how we should serve or glorify the Lord this day, but how we would nourish our inner being by spending time with God and His word. This choice sets the rest of the choices in our lives into perspective. This is where we receive direction, focus, inspiration, strength and joy to break down the walls of intentions and begin to move towards God’s purpose for our day. The amazing thing about God is that He doesn’t condemn. He doesn’t chastise us for our bad choices or being stuck in a rut. Each day is a fresh start—a day He has made for us.

So what will we choose today? Will we nourish our soul and choose God’s guidance and inspiration to effectively serve Him? Will we go our own way? Or will we even choose by not choosing? The choice is yours.

“choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… (Joshua 24:15)

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